Texas 21, Arkansas State 6 (8:23, 4th quarter)
In which the Longhorns’ designated season opener punching bag has not only turned up, but landed a few blows of their own. Were it not for an end zone INT tossed by Arkansas State’s Corey Leonard, a pair of missed field goals in the first half and 6 points taken off the board on a disputed Colt McCoy fumble (ruled a forward pass, kinda Tuck Rule-esque), we could be looking at an upset to rival Michigan’s debacle today against Appalachian State.

McCoy’s 2 first half interceptions could very easily have been 4 or 5. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say the sophmore QB has been bailed out by Jamal Charles (above, 21 carries for 106 yards). Nor would it be unfair to say the Longhorns don’t remotely resemble a team deserving of a no. 4 ranking.

September 1 is far too soon to panic, but if McCoy has this much difficulty throwing into coverage against this level of competition, it could be a very long night next Saturday against TCU — who pitched a shutout earlier today against Baylor.

On a more positive note, you wouldn’t believe how many half or third-full bottles of liquor I found in the DKR men’s room. If I can just find a bag big enough to get ’em all back to my car, I might have the month’s entertainment budget all sorted.