After ESPN’s Jon Miller reminded those watching the Mets’ 7-0 defeat of the Rockies last night that many of Shea Stadium’s more memorable moments weren’t baseball-related, the Sports Hernia added, “nice to hear everyone shares the same affinity for Shea and are all getting in one last massive dump before they take a wrecking ball to it.”

TSH’s alternative list of Shea Memories (“in 1986 when everyone played shitfaced and still won”) is about as funny as you’d expect, and much like the serious takes on Flushing lore, fails to recognize Survival Research Laboratories‘ 1988 performance “‘The Misfortunes of Desire” ; not, sadly, a robotic take on the relationship between Darryl and Lisa Strawberry.

The New York Times’ Mel Gussow
described the show as “anticlimatic…demoralizing…about as exciting as watching a building under construction.”  Presumably, Mr. Gussow wasn’t one of the hundreds of patrons who managed to leave the premises with several of the counterfeit $50 bills SRL shot out of a cannon.  For sheer spectacle, I thought “The Misfortunes Of Desire” was a more than adequate demoltion derby. If it was “menace and danger” the Paper Of Record required, SRL could’ve just shown a video of Sid Ferandez negotiating the post-game spread in his underwear.