OK, not really. But with apologies to Public Enemy, there’s a few items I noticed in Sunday’s Post that can’t go without comment.

1) Mushnick. Not only does “Equal Time” continue unabated, but the Moral Compass Of News Corp. also has a column, “Prime Time” in the back of the “TV Week” section. Sunday’s hot topic was the proliferation of television adverts that prominently feature urinals.

2) Page 3 of the Post was devoted the hilarious story of a pill-fiend who has been impersonating Mets OF Mike Cameron. At least I thought the story was pretty funny…when Newsday’s Mike Frazier wrote about it 8 days ago.

3) From Mike Vaccaro : “Let’s get one thing straight, OK? LaDainian Tomlinson can go by L.T. in any of the other stadiums where they play professional football. But in Giants Stadium — even when the walls are draped in green, like today — he’s just plain LaDainian, got it?”

Mike, let’s get another thing straight — not only is the “real” L.T. a pitiful charicature of the man who was once the NFL’s most dominant defensive force, but after putting on a clinic against the Jets yesterday, I think Tomlinson (above) can start calling himself Broadway Joe or Wahoo if he feels like it.