Boston 1B Kevin Millar (above, left), putting little stock in his own advancing age or decreased production, wonders why the Red Sox can’t just bring the same team back next season. From the Boston Herald’s Jeff Horrigan.

œThe Red Sox are not an easy team to play for, Millar said. œYou have to have the personality and the makeup for it. Our group of guys won™t be missed until we™re gone. I don™t think people will realize what we had until we™re gone. It seems like it™s starting to unravel a little bit.

œWe™d been very fortunate to have the same group of guys, basically, for three straight seasons. We™ve been the same, and that™s been awesome. Plus, we were the (first team in franchise history) to win 95-plus games for three straight seasons. . . . Why is it such a thing that when a team has that kind of success, there™s so much interest in making change? I™ve never understood that.

œLook at the Patriots, Millar added. œThe Patriots have been so good and won three Super Bowls because they™ve stayed the same. . . . I think we lost track of that a little bit. We start thinking about change so much, and I don™t think we needed to.

Former Patriots Lawyer Malloy and Ty Law weren’t asked for their comments, presumably.