If Flea’s initial posts to NBA.com’s “Blogsquad” are anything to go by, the league could do (much) worse than confiscating his bass and giving him plenty of spiel-time on Channel 601.

why should i be worried about david stern’s power trip?
i love basketball, not fashion
david stern could never rob the league of it’s black culture
and i don’t care whether a bunch of right wing red staters love the nba
or not

allen iverson is already a great role model
no matter what her wears
he is a great artist
nobody ever held picasso’s personal life up for judgment when it came
to his art
they just studied it and appreciated it

for a guy that had the presence of mind to get bill russell on his team
red auerbach sure is making a moron of himself
first he complains that phil jackson isn’t a great coach because he
inherited teams that someone else had put together to win
championships, first jordan, and then shaq and kobe
now he is complaining that phil is a cop out because he took the lakers
job and if he doesn’t win he can use the excuse of ‘rebuilding’…
why doesn’t he make up his mind which hair brained insult he is gonna
michael didn’t win anything for 6 years before phil came on
and shaq and kobe were 2nd round failures til phil came along
the guy is the best basketball coach of all time
red is just bummed and insecure because the lakers trounced the celtics
in the eighties and won 5 championships then went and rocked again in
the new millenium while the celtics languished with their only bright
hope being l.a. native paul peirce,
i don’t care how many guys named green they get