Forsake leftovers (or bring ’em with you). It’s a day after Thanksgiving collision of friends, the beers they brought with them and the one retail establishment where Black Friday is a fully technicolor event. Show up and you’lll witness the following historic events

a) the debut of Nathan (XathaX) on drums for ATC ;
b) The Stuffies at the height of their performing prowess
c) Dated, playing two sets in the space of 3 hours at two different venues.
d) a fourth band Spot selected who may or may not have something to do with a world class pizza establishment.

And please, for fuck’s sake, consider dropping some Black Friday cash at Trailer Space. How many folks stagger into the shop, enjoy Spot’s hospitality / use his toilet and never leave with so much as one 7″ purchased? SHAME SHAME SHAME (shame). On everyone.

*- Dated are playing Beerland later that night, along with the tour-departing Woven Bones and Shapes Have Fangs.