Tomorrow night at Beerland :

FROM COLUMBUS, OH : it’s the first central TX appearance of the new look UNHOLY TWO, as well as their first foray in this territory since the release of 2014’s piledriver-onto-the-concrete, ‘Talk About Hardcore’. One esteemed Northeatern analyst opined, “In their utter barbarity, this band has found itself a workable, scalable truth, beats dents into it with a hammer, then beats them right back out. Unlike your car, or your penis, it starts the first time, every time.” Gratuitous sexism aside, I approve this message.

BURNT SKULL apparently have a new song or perhaps even new SONGS. This is undoubtedly BAD NEWS for the competition, though if they imagine this sales pitch being recited by Wayne “Bad News” Barrett, perhaps the announcement of their own obsolescence will at least seem more entertaining.

Austin guitar/drums duo INJURIES are putting the blood back in bludgeon. Their recent demo cassette on the hotter-than-shit Drug Front imprint was the recent toast of SXSW (and by that, I mean some dumb motherfucker left it on top of a plugged in toaster and now there’s melted plastic all over MY OTHERWISE SPOTLESS KITCHEN).

SPIDER SABICH features inept guitar wankery, an over-reliance on occasionally functioning delay pedals. an utter lack of beginning-middles-ends to alleged “compositions” and all the stage presence you’d associate with the late Darrell Porter kiting a check. It should go without saying that this “project” features a member of Air Traffic Controllers, but there you go. It’s been said!