From the Fiver’s Paul Doyle and Barry Glendenning :

“I know I made contact with Henry but the referee could have played the advantage. He did their job for them” – you gotta love those Portuguese. Having fouled someone in the box and then admitted it, Ricardo Carvalho is still wondering why the referee had the gall to give a penalty against him.

Birmingham City have reportedly accepted a £5.5 million transfer bid
from Wigan Athletic for Emile Heskey. Paul Jewell is now free to begin negotiations as to how much the former Liverpool striker will be overpaid.

PR titan Max Clifford has come forward with claims that 4 Premiership stars wagered on their own clubs last season. Clifford, hardly the most reputable source, alleges that in exchange for keeping said tale out of the newspapers, terminally ill kids were to receive a vist from their footballing heroes. From Ch. :

Mr Clifford, who explained that he was hired on a confidential basis and would not hand over any evidence to the FA, said that he decided to speak out after he claimed the players had not kept their side of the bargain.

He has been quoted as telling a national newspaper: “The total staked was around £500,000 through an offshore account. I was called in to save their careers and keep it out of the newspapers.

“I was paid for my services, but the players also promised to visit a children’s hospice and three months later I’m still waiting. I am appalled by the attitude of those players, and for me it typifies the greed in the game.”

There’s no truth to the rumor that Clifford has signed Alex Rodriguez as a client.