Well, one of ’em, at least. Milwaukee’s Ben Sheets (above) will face Houston’s Brandon Backe this Sunday night when the Nashville Sounds complete their 3 game series at Round Rock.

Knowing that Sheets will no doubt be dying to hear my complaints about how he’s ruined one of my fantasy teams this season (hey, if that Wall Street Journal guy can get away with it, who’s gonna stop me?), I’ve already purchased a ticket atop the visitors’ dugout.

I realize there’s a long and storied history of Kansas City acting as a feeder club for the Yankees, but Aaron Guiel isn’t quite Roger Maris. If anyone would like to quote that bold statement and spread it around, please, feel free.

Minnesota demoted Boof Bonser to Rochester. No word yet on how this will impact the sales of Boof-swag in the Twin Cities. Had Boof been sent down a day earlier, he would’ve been on hand to witness the Red Wings giving Rondell White the silent treatment.

The Delaware Cows are giving away Mookie bobbleheads this Saturday night. Not Mookie Wilson, either.