(possibly the wrong Plasticman)

That Gilbert Arenas has been torching the Cavs tonight is hardly out of character. But Renaldo Blackman’s first half for the Knicks against the Celtics, while not eyepopping on paper, has been pretty impressive for a short stint — 4 points, 4 assists, 3 steals and a tremendous block of a Paul Pierce layup. I’m not quite ready to eat crow about Isiah’s controversial first round pick, but that’s mostly because I’m distracted by Lady CSTB’s insistence that Al Trautwig has been replaced by Oswald Maximum Security Prison’s white supremacist, Vern Schillinger.

Though I think Portland’s LaMarcus Alridge could use some of the man-up pills Isiah wanted to prescribe for Eddy Curry a few weeks back (the Texas product is getting pushed around in the lane a bit), his shooting touch is pretty solid (5 for 7, 12 points) and he doesn’t look like nearly the big league bust John Hollinger alleged earlier in the week. Then again, wonderous things can happen when you have a veteran mentor like Zach Randolph to lean on. The Blazers have a 15 point advantage on the Nets with about 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.

With or without Shaq activated, we probably need to annoint Yao Ming with the title of the league’s best center. He’s continued his hot start with 27 points through 3 quarters in Detroit, and as of this writing he’s got more assists (3) this evening than New York’s Stevie Franchise (1). Apples and oranges, I know.

Back to MSG (where the Celts have pulled ahead) for a minute, it’s amazing to think how many shots Eddy Curry might block or alter if he left his feet every few weeks. Perhaps that’s a side effect of the man-up pills.

We’re more than two weeks into the season, and somehow, the Utah Jazz have as many techinal fouls as losses.

Kevin Garnett, supposedly on the trading block, gives his props to the late Gerald Levert. Even better, KG name drops the “New Jack City” soundtrack, bringing back heavy memories of Judd Nelson looking all pensive and shit (link courtesy ‘Lil Dice). Garnett has 14 points and 9 rebounds shortly into the 2nd half, as the T-Wolves lead the Hornets, 58-54.

I think it might be time to give up on the Boston/New York game (ie. the visitors are on a 32-9 run). When Ryan Gomes is allowed to do whatever he wants at both ends of the floor, perhaps it’s time to suit up Herb Williams. Kenny Smith has suggested the Knicks could employ Jerome James to “clog up the lane,” a rather trenchant summation of Double J’s unique skill set.