White Sox 5, Red Sox 3

3 IP, 1 hit (a single allowed to John Olerud), 0 R, 0 BB, 4 K’s. That’s the line for for Orlando Hernandez, who after relieving Freddy Garcia with none out and the bases juiced in the 6th inning, proceeded to retire the side, finishing by inducing Johnny Damon to wave at what would’ve been ball 4 in the dirt. Chicago have won their first playoff series in 88 years…and while I don’t understand the preponderance of Miller Light in the visitors’ clubhouse (or anywhere on earth for that matter), if I was wearing a hat, I’d tip it to the White Sox.

Friday might’ve been the last time we’ll see Damon in a Red Sox uniform, and perhaps the same can be said of Manny Ramirez, whose HR’s to left and right field respectively off Garcia, kept things interesting. Much as I’d like to fixate on Boston’s likely off-season shopping list (starting pitching, starting pitching, starting pitching), enough already with Chris Berman’s blathering about how much ’04 meant to generations of New Englanders. Chicago’s accomplishments this year, their wildly entertaining team and certifiably insane manager, are a much more compelling story than the grief of Berman’s neighbors.