I regret to inform you this evening’s performance by Bobby Steele’s STEELE LEGACY, scheduled to occur in the Aussie’s Grill & Beach Bar parking lot, has been cancelled. Mr. Steele, perhaps the most deceitful, truculent and selfish entertainer I’ve dealt with in 3 decades of concert promotion, refuses to play unless all sand is removed from the premises. We’ve explained such a thing is simply not possible (and would interfere with the venue’s beach bar theme — one his booking agent and road manager had previously approved via email), and we will not kowtow to Mr. Steele’s 11th hour demands (which include, but are not limited to a “Thirtysomething” complete series DVD box set, two “Office Favorite” sandwiches from Thundercloud Subs and reserved parking at Aussie’s Grill & Beach Bar).

It is usually customary at this point to announce that “all refunds are available at point of purchase”, however, we didn’t actually sell any tickets. So there’s that silver lining. In any event, I know there are disappointed ambulance chasers fans reading this and I remain hopeful you can find something else to do this evening in Austin that might provide consolation.


Gerard Cosloy
Cumbucket Media