To Whom It May Concern,

Tonight’s MSG feed of the San Antonio Spurs / New York Knicks contest is unavailable to satellite viewers in the greater Austin area. Despite having shelled out crazy loot for the NBA League Pass package, said game is subject to local blackout restrictions, San Antonio being a mere 90 minutes away.

Trouble is, there’s no local telecast of the game, either. The regional rights holder, FSNSW, are showing the Warriors/Mavericks game.

A displaced Knicks fan (not that I know anyone who fits that description) is fucked, despite having paid through the nose for League Pass. A Spurs fan (of which, arguably, there might be more than a couple given the proximity of the state capitol to San Antonio) is doubly fucked, as there’s no free TV.

And with the Knicks presently trailing, 66-49, I have just two final words : thank you.