New York Post sports media critic (and very occasional CSTB reader) Phil Mushnick is an old hand when it comes to taking shots at Jay-Z, so much so that he’d even play the reverse racism card to the benefit of anti-semitic creep Ronan Tynan if it afforded him another opportunity to remind us that Hova has dropped no shortage of n-bombs in his illustrious recording career. Earlier today, Phil assumed his all-too-familiar position, this time in the backdrop of Jay-Z’s appearance earlier in the week to trumpet the Newark Nets becoming Brooklyn Nets. “Jay-Z is so powerful he’s the only NBA team owner who can regularly, publicly and profitably call black men “n****rs,” declares Mushnick. Well, yeah, if you don’t count Donald Sterling.

The slur was in large part restored to the mainstream by rappers such as Jay-Z, who today stands among the most celebrated and enriched purveyors of the sustained self-enslavement of black America and its perverse predilection toward drugs, guns, 4 a.m. shootouts, hideously warped material values, prison-culture, murder, functional illiteracy, boasts of obligatory sexual mistreatment of young women known as “bitches” and “hoes,” and the insidious, forever-price-to-pay of surrendering parenthood and motherhood, now represented by insignificant others called “baby mamas.”

For crying out loud — and likely for the better, and despite all the mainstreaming — I’m still not allowed to spell out the n-word out in print.

Jay-Z, NBA team owner, is among the most successful at exploiting and growing a racial culture that logically should have been long gone. He’s among those at the forefront of the Ten Million Man March, Backwards.

Lucky for everyone that David Simon isn’t wealthy enough to purchase a share in an NBA team — the Post doesn’t give Phil enough columns a year to tackle that subject and remain on Jay-Z’s case.