White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen slipped a few f-bombs past the The Score’s 7 second delay on Friday when he rang in to challenge A.J.Pierzynski’s comments about being benched. Longtime foe Jay Mariotti of the Chicago Sun-Times calls O.G. “the conductor of a runaway train to self-destruction.”

Instead of listening to smooth jazz, ”Kathy and Judy” or a recording of chirping birds, the Blizzard was listening to North defend A.J. on his way to Wrigley. The first sign of a coach or manager losing control — of himself, his clubhouse, his livelihood — is when he picks up the phone and calls into a show. Guillen did just that. Not a year after calling me ”a [bleeping] fag” and two days after reportedly making fun of Yankees slugger Hideki Matsui by wearing a ”Matsui Mask” at batting practice, the Blizzard was going down his dark, dirty road again.

I’m no shrink. But if Guillen can’t remember what he said on the radio, he needs a long rest and shouldn’t be managing. It’s a shame, really, because the man was a sharp strategist and leader two years ago. Now, he is surrounded by chaos. Why let Mark Buehrle bat in the seventh, with a runner on second, when Guillen would pull him later in the inning? Why remove Buehrle when shaky Mike MacDougal opened the floodgates of a three-run inning that included, yep, a passed ball by Hall? Why let MacDougal keep pitching in the eighth and allow two more runs — one after a bad throw by Hall, his second error of the game?

Things are so crazy for Guillen, his team can’t even get through batting practice without tumult. Joe Crede was smacked in the face with a grounder off the bat of third-base coach Razor Shines, forcing the third baseman to the bench with a fat lip. ”The guy looks like he was born in Venezuela,” said the Blizzard, again covering himself in dignity.
”He has lips like me.”

No one’s laughing anymore, Ozzie.