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Incredibly, Jon Solomon did not send us this story. From the NY Post’s Andrew Marchand :

Anna Benson, wife of Mets’ pitcher Kris Benson, is in discussions to do a reality series on VH-1, NYP TV Sports has learned.

While both Anna’s agent and a VH-1 spokesperson confirmed the talks, no deal is finalized yet. The agent said other networks are interested, but wouldn’t divulge which ones.


Anna recently produced some headlines by going on the Howard Stern show and saying that if Kris were to cheat on her she would sleep with Met players and team officials. These and other outrageous comments have garnered her attention that may now lead to her own show.

Her agent, Jon Orlando, thinks that her words sometimes overshadow her charitable actions.

“She almost sees herself as Howard Stern with Oprah’s heart,” said the agent.

Orlando, who is the son of singer Tony Orlando, said filming would likely start in Port St. Lucie at the beginning of spring training. He said Kris would be involved, but that the show would not be a distraction.

“Anna would never do anything that would interfere with Kris, the Mets or major league baseball,” Orlando said.

5 thoughts on “Anna Benson Update

  1. orlando sounds like the perfect agent for anna; someone else with no talent other than running their mouth who is gravy-training off of a family member’s name.

  2. Howard,

    sheesh, take it easy on Jon Orlando. We can’t all be Freddie Prinze, Jr.

  3. why does everyone hate on anna? i think shess a wonderful lady. ive had the pleasure of talking to her and shes wonderful human being. sure shes outspoken but i love it. shes not as bad as her mouth seems. i love her and i wish her many many years of sucess for her and her husband and children. theres not a finer group of people than they are. everything they do is great work in my eyes.

  4. My wife is more beautiful than you and plastic surgeons could ever hope for, and she is a sweet, loving LADY. Can you even spell LADY, you obnoxious, miserable piece of shit? You are a waste of sperm and egg, a piece of trash who spells her name backwards becuse she’s too stupid to figure it out, keep living off your LOSER husband’s unearned paycheck, I can hit that dork! You both suck shit!

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