Lost amidst the trash talk and analysis of the J-E-R-K-S’ 24-1 upset of New England last Sunday was the most important triumph of all ; Fireman Ed, emerging from Foxboro with his helmet intact. From Newsday’s Jim Baumbach :

The man best known in the football world as Fireman Ed said Tuesday that New England fans placed “a bounty” on his Jets helmet as he tried to leave Gillette Stadium. The retired New York City firefighter said it’s not uncommon for fans to target him at away Jets games, but on Sunday, getting out of there was no small task. Explained Anzalone to Newsday: “One guy grabbed my helmet and threw it on the field. He went to take it and run away with it, but Jets fans tackled him.”

Anzalone credited stadium security and did not want to make too much of the incident.

Yes, particularly as Jets fans chasing a mischievous helmet thief/Pats fan around the on the Foxboro turf would’ve surely been mentioned at some point during the telecast.