With all due respect to Gilbert Arenas, Rod Benson and uh, Mark Madsen, the Blazers’ Channing Frye continues to hone his celeb blogger chops.  Having previously poked fun at Portland’s boho rep, Frye turns his attentions to an ill-advised decision to attend a screening of “Saw V” (“it was a Sunday night. We were bored and had watched the Exorcist so I was in the mood to see something else that was creepy. I don™t know what I was thinking.”)

Not only was the acting worse than Lifetime TV rejects, the story was more complicated than a Rubik’s cube. In parts of the movie, they’d just go there for no reason – like what happened to the stupid box that the killer gave to his ex-wife? What was in it? Also, what kind of contraptions were those? Some were really elaborate and far-fetched.

Other than the good popcorn, we were laughing most of the time about how bad it was and talking, trying to figure out what was going on. I recommend this movie for NO ONE. Please don’t waste your money. My girlfriend walked out and went to High School Musical 3 because the movie was that bad.

This is on the list of all-time worst movies, along with Wicker Man, Crank, In the Name of the King, and Wall-E.

Presumably, Frye was unimpressed with Neil LaBute’s universally panned remake of “The Wickerman” as opposed to Neil Hardy’s 1973 original.