Surely Matt Lawton must be aware that by publicly admitting to injecting himself with Mr. Ed Juice, he’s pissed away any chance, however unlikely, of being named 2006’s MLB Comeback Player Of The Year? A simple, “I’m apologizing, and I don’t know what for” would’ve sufficed.

Though Will Leitch didn’t manage to score the exclusive mea culpa from Lawton (beaten again by that primary source for all baseball info, USA Sports Weekly), the vacationing Deadspinner did manage to come up with an incredibly tasteful link to the supposed MySpace page of Tony Dungy’s late son.

Much as Will would like to blame his lack of judgement on the fact he’s been writing from Matoon, IL’s only public place with wireless internet access, I can already tell you that’s a poor excuse. Blogging at a funeral is much tougher. But if you’re driving through the area and would like to witness Leitch neglecting his family on what should otherwise be a joyous time devoted to anything other than mocking someone’s dead kid, you can find him typing away at Common Grounds, 1612 Charleston Ave.