Of a report in today’s Boston Herald citing Patriots coach Bill Belichick (above) as “The Other Man” in a New Jersey divorce case (Belichick has supposedly been carrying on with Sharon Shennoca, “a slim, blue-eyed 41-year-old stay-at-home mom,” and former New York Giants receptionist), the Human Whoopie Cushion writes, “It’s impossible for anyone to deny Belichick’s coaching prowess over the last few years. But who know what he was capable of?”

Good grief, apparently the Spicy Crunchwrap Supreme spokesmodel has forgotten the whole mess just a few months ago in which the coach was linked to Bonnie Bernstein, along with insinutations by the Globe’s Ron Borges that Belichick might be doing something unsavory “when everyone else is sleeping”. If a professional “sports” blogger’s sole claim to fame is his ability to stay on top of others’ zipper problems (aside from his own, naturally), is a little research (said in Geico caveman voice) too much to ask for?

(Sorry, I forgot about the other claim to fame.)