Presumably, it was a short term lease on those “City of Angels” billboards popping up all over L.A. Los Angeles Angels Who Actually Play In Anaheim owner Artie Moreno is openly yapping about moving the team. From the LA Times’ Bill Shaikin.

Although Moreno said Thursday he remains committed to Anaheim, he also said he has been contacted by representatives of other locations interested in luring the Angels.

“Yes, people talk to us,” Moreno said. “Obviously, we’re in a lawsuit with the city of Anaheim. Why wouldn’t everybody else around start thinking that we’re in an old stadium and we’re not happy?”

Angel Stadium opened in 1966, with a $118-million renovation completed in 1998. The Angels’ lease extends through 2029, but they can terminate the agreement in 2016 by paying an estimated $12-million fee.

Moreno, asked whether the lawsuit might prompt him to consider searching for a new stadium and a way out of Anaheim before 2016, refused to comment.

Mayor Curt Pringle said the City Council considered the possibility Moreno might ultimately look for a new home before authorizing the suit, which contends that the new Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim name violates the lease.

“We looked at every ramification,” Pringle said. “We also feel we shouldn’t be pushed around, and neither should the taxpayers. It’s a shame he may be thinking those things. All we’ve been asking him is, don’t make up the rules to the deal, just live by them.”