Prior to Roy Oswalt’s egregious balk — one that shouldn’t have required a protest by Frank Robinson to be called as such — the Houston Astros had an eventful Wednesday afternoon according to the Austin American-Statesman :

For the second straight day, the Astros took a field trip in Washington D.C.. After Tuesday’s visit to injured serviceman and women at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, about 45 members of the organization spent part of Wednesday touring the Pentagon.

“I think the highlight was when they briefed us on the world situation and the war on terror,” manager Phil Garner said. You look at that map, the way they have it up there, you see how they keep a pulse on the whole world.”

While some cynical taxpayers and military officials alike are no doubt concerned about the war in Iraq, the lack of an exit strategy and our vulnerability at home, at least Mike Lamb has been reassured.

Closer to…uh, Fort Hood, Jason Hirsh continued his recent hot streak, firing 7 shutout innings in Round Rock’s 3-0 defeat of Las Vegas.