(David Ortiz, 0 for 5 last night, but not involved in any discussions about posing)

It’s not quite V-Tek shoving a grapefruit in A-Rod’s face, but the morning after a Red Sox loss to the Yankees (despite Randy Johnson’s best efforts), I’ll take what I can get. From the NY Post’s George King.

According to several Fenway Park sources, Alex Rodriguez called Doug Mirabelli over late yesterday afternoon and challenged the Red Sox’ backup catcher over what Mirabelli said about A-Rod’s actions at the plate Tuesday night, when A-Rod homered but looked around for the ball as if he didn’t know where it went.


“He told him he should know better than that,” the source said. “He told Mirabelli that he wouldn’t disrespect the game or show up Tim Wakefield. He told Mirabelli he should know better to say anything like that because they played together.

“The guy’s got 450 home runs,” Mirabelli said. “He doesn’t know when he’s squared one up? I don’t believe that.”

Asked about talking to Mirabelli following last night’s 8-6 Yankees victory, A-Rod didn’t confirm or deny it. Yet, he found it ironic that he was being criticized for being confused, while Manny Ramirez posed for a long time at home plate after crushing a homer off Scott Proctor in the same game.

“I was surprised by it,” A-Rod said of being asked about Mirabelli’s quote. “Especially since the other guy [Ramirez] stood there like the Statue of Liberty.”