Much like a large portion of the local populace, I’m seriously stoked for the upcoming encounter between no. 1 Texas (featuring the totally doomed SI jinxster Colt McCoy) and no. 11 Missouri ; there’s nothing I’d rather be doing this Saturday than spending 4+ hours in the company of the perpetually enraged 87 year old who sits next to me and seems to think Greg Davis should’ve been executed with the Rosenbergs.  But he’s a blast to hang out with compared to the radio legend in- his-own-mind that’s headed to town.

ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd will be bringing his unique brand of aggressive d-bag broadcasting to San Jacinto Blvd.’s Schotz Beer Garden tomorrow morning.  Austin’s withstood some scary intrusions the last few years (Bill Simmons, Will Leitch, Chuck Klosterman, Carlos Mencia) but never before have I felt a personal responsibility to turn up with a big bag of urine in silent, respectful protest.

Of course, no one in their right mind would actually get up at 8am just to yell obscenities at Colin Cowherd. But if you’d like to do so on my behalf, I’d be more than happy to post any audio/video from said encounter —- or perhaps post bail if necessary.  Consider this the reader participation event of the autumn.