The above Zapruder-esque video was shot several weeks before a 9th inning Carlos Beltran grand salami off Florida’s Kevin Gregg gave the New York Mets a two game lead in the NL East.  But given that I was cranky enough to ponder whether Carlos B. and pals were “Gutless Pussies or Amazin’ Paragons Of Bouncebackablity”, at the very least, I should acknowledge their awesome flair for the dramatic.

The bullpen has a flair for the dramatic, too, sadly.  Metsmonkeys points to the likelihood of Al Reyes being the next hurler to accept the poisoned chalice of Mets closer. Though I’m not optmistic, perhaps the Elias Koteas Sports Bureau knows of the last time a club had three guys names Reyes on their big league roster.  With a September 1 callup of utility man Ron Reyes, they could make it a quartet.