“It was ironic that Virginia Tech, a team that is known for its special teams that had made several key special teams plays during the game, would lose on a blocked kick” writes ESPN’s Graham Watson of East Carolina’s 27-20 stunner over VT earlier today. And while T.J. Lee’s spectacular block of a Brent Bowden punt in the 4th quarter was undoubtedly the highlight of the early afternoon games, the Sporting Blog‘s Tom Ziller correctly points out the Pirates wouldn’t have been in a position to win were it not for the poor play of Hoakies QB Sean Glennon (14 for 23, 2 interceptions).

At this point, Frank Beamer would seem to have no choice but to renege Tyrod Taylor‘s red-shirt status. It’s the worst of both worlds: you lose the benefits of that extra year of eligibility, you lose what should have been a fairly sure W, and you lose any confidence your second-best QB (Glennon) had.

Beamer is all about high-risk, high-reward football. It was surely a risky gambit to sit Taylor. It took only one week to blow up spectacularly.

Between this evening’s Florida Atlantic/Texas tilt and Day 2 of the Wild Weekend Power Pop Fest, I might be out of blogtastic commission until tomorrow morning. Of the former, FAU coach Howard Schellenbger has described the Longhorns as a bunch of softies, and while some might consider this to be bulletin board material, I can’t get too worked up over the senile ramblings of a Howard Keel tribute act.