(currently in heavy rotation on a certain Hall Of Fame catcher’s iPod)

The story below and headline are courtesy of Repoz. Surely when you think of Gary Carter, you think of hip hop? From the Palm Beach Post’s Steve Dorsey.

Aside from the windy conditions and a couple of rain delays, the Gary Carter National Grand Slam baseball tournament that has been played in Palm Beach County this week has been an excellent event.

There™s been several entertaining games, including nine one-run games and five others decided by only two runs. Can™t beat that. I also had the opportunity to see a couple of outstanding pitching performances this week ” Palm Beach Central senior Gary Gustavson™s sparkling four-hit shutout against Eureka, Mo., on Wednesday and the no-hit gem by junior Navery Moore of Tennessee™s Battleground Academy against Cardinal Newman on Tuesday.

I do have one complaint, however. Most of the music played before and during the Newman-Battleground game at West Boca™s field was rap or hip-hop music. Granted, I™m not a fan of either style, but I don™t hate it. To each his own. I just don™t want to hear it at a baseball game, for crying out loud! Classic rock ˜n roll or country is the only music that should be played at baseball games, at any level. I hear enough rap booming from cars when I™m stopped at traffic lights.

As Tom Hanks so eloquently exclaimed in A League of Their Own, there™s no crying in baseball. No rap, either, OK?!!!

While I fully respect Mr. Dorsey’s right to express an controversial opinion, I submit there might be far worse musical intrusions out there.