From Wednesday’s East Valley Tribune, Gary Grado on how the NFL dodged a bullet last Sunday. Several dozens of bullets, actually. For the first time in recorded history, “all ages show” and “planned Super Bowl massacre” can appear alongside each other in a Google search.

Kurt William Havelock, 35, turned himself in Sunday to Tempe police and the FBI at the urging of family and confessed his plan, which he hatched in retaliation for the Tempe City Council rejecting a liquor license application for a restaurant and bar he owns.

According to court records, Havelock is charged with mailing threatening communications in the mailing of eight copies of a œmanifesto explaining the planned massacre.

œI will test the theory that bullets speak louder than words … I will slay your children. I will shed the blood of the innocent, Havelock wrote. œNo one destroys my dream. No one.

Magistrate Judge Edward V. Ross said in a hearing in U.S. District Court on Tuesday: œI haven™t read more chilling words, and I™ve been doing this a long time. Ross found Havelock was a danger to the public and ordered him held without bail.

Havelock on Sunday mailed copies of the manifesto intended for friends and media from a post office at 59th and Peoria avenues in Glendale, but authorities were able to intercept them.

In the letters he says his family has been attacked and the futures of his children have been destroyed.

In October, Havelock was before the Tempe City Council to get approval for a liquor license application for a restaurant called The Haunted Castle, a Halloween-theme bar where horror-theme bands and actors could gather to promote themselves, according to city records.

Council members, however, got word from a blog written by Havelock that the business would be called Drunkenstein™s and questioned him about it.

Havelock said there would be a sign with that name but would be only one corner of the business at 6463 S. Rural Road.

The council voted 6-1 to deny the application, which is still pending before the liquor board.

œAlas, this all boils down to an econopolitical confrontation. I cannot outvote, outspend, outtax, or outincarcerate my enemies, Havelock wrote in the manifesto. œBut for a brief moment I can outgun them.”

If you’re still curious, here’s a cached version of Havelock’s deleted MySpace account. It’s always the Gilmore Girls fans you have to watch out for.