Cubs GM Jim Hendry, as quoted by’s Carrie Muskat :

“For whatever reason, we’ve been in a funk here the last five, six days that we haven’t played good baseball and made a lot of mistakes and a lot of mental mistakes,” Hendry said. “Collectively, we’ve also had a little bit of an offensive funk.”

The problem isn’t Baker, Hendry said.

Responds Ben,

Jim Hendry must want to keep Dusty if he’s willing to go off on the whole team rather than a manager on the Cubs own web site. From that recent story about Dusty’s demand in NYC to extend his coaches’ contracts, I get the feeling he’s trying to maintain some power in the clubhouse after the Tribco fired his ex-Giants coaches last year. After losing his pal Latroy Hawkins this season, and Dusty’s fit over Hawkins getting booed, I’m guessing this is the sticking point since Dusty is not asking for an extension for himself. For all my bitching about the Armband King, I’m glad to see the Cubs staying with a guy who can win.