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Cardinals 5, Tigers 0 (Cardinals lead the series, 2-1)

After appearing entirely ordinary in his two NLCS stints versus the Mets, St. Louis’ Chris Carpenter — ridiculously reliable at Busch — returned to usual form, twirling an 8 inning, 82 pitch, 3 hit, 6 K masterpiece.

Detroit’s Nate Robertson was cruising until the home 4th, in which he allowed a lead off single to Preston Wilson, a ground rule double to Prince Albert and a subsequent walk to Scott Rolen. After Wilson was forced out, 5-3 on Ronnie Belliard’s FC, Jim Edmonds delivered the key blow of the night, a two RBI double to right field.

The Cards tacked on two more runs in the 7th when Joel Zumaya became possessed with the spirit of Rick Ankiel, then adding a 5th when Zach Outdoor Miner’s bases loaded wild pitch eluded I-Rod in the 8th.

Speaking of Pudge, I think it’s time for Jim Leyland to move him to 10th in the Tigers’ batting order.

Cory Lidle’s ghost visited Chris Russo last night. He had little to say, though seemed to imply that Dave Duncan’s pitching staff is awfully well prepared for Detroit.

Leave it to Card Nilly to be the Redbirds’ voice of reason in the middle of Gamblergate.

I can™t really blame Tiger fans for looking the other way on this one. After all, I™m still in a state of carefully crafted naivete about Mark McGwire (What? He was never caught doing anything? Why do you want to talk about the past, anyway? I™m not here to talk about the past!), and I™m stunned that no one has mentioned the fact that Julian Tavarez got caught for loading balls up with pine tar in 2004, the year we last made the World Series. And if anything, the situation with Jooly was far more absurd that Rogers™ lame œClump O™ Dirt excuse.