Writes Ben,

Finally watched a TIVO’d Bill Maher interviewing Jose Canseco on HBO. If La Russa and McGwire want to destroy Jose’s credibility, all they need to do is give him some prime time network exposure and book sales should drop faster than Giambi’s weight. When Jose boasts that he can do anything at age 40 that he could when he was 25 and on steroids, the word deluded comes to mind. Maher pointed out that Jose only hit .172 in his last year with a minor league club, to which Jose argued “that was in maybe fifteen games.” Claims that he was isolated as the only minority star of his era, that steroids have no effect on your sex life, and then — as Will Carroll has mentioned — that steroids have no long term side effects or problems, have all the credibility of Kobe Bryant as a character witness at a sex crime trial.

Though keep in mind, Ben, the minor league team in question was the Newark Bears. If all-time greats like Rickey Henderson, Jose Lima and uh, Ozzie Canseco needed some time to crack the Bears lineup, I’m sure all Jose needed was another 1000 sexy, fit at bats before he found his groove.