Writes Ben,

I don’t think the Red Sox understood how bitter 80 year gap between the 1918 World Series and today’s game at Wrigley was, which is why they may have been unprepared for the onslaught they walked into at the Friendly Confines. It took 77 years, but the Cubs have finally broken their losing streak against Boston. Just sorry that Harry didn’t live to see it. Also, Nomar will be receiving his World Series ring, the first Cub to do so in almost 100 years. Hope the weight of wearing it doesn’t throw out his groin.

For all the trashing of Roger Clemens around here, I gotta say that Greg Maddux (above) has been great to watch lately. I hope he has a season or two left in him, but if he doesn’t, this is a graceful way to exit a career. His homer today was icing on the cake, although I don’t expect the rest of the series will look like this.

As for the atmosphere around Wrigelyville, WGN cut to the street scene before the game several times today and my first thought was, “Oh, that’s where all the deadheads went.” Looks like a blue and white Bourbon Street, and it only bodes worse for anyone (me) who wants to see a new ballpark put in. The last thing the Cubs need is more “tradition” surrounding the North Side’s last functioning stockyard.