From the Cincinnati Enquirer’s John Fay.

Ken Griffey Jr. was talking to a Nike rep. Buzz Bissinger (above), author of “Friday Night Lights”, came up and asked for a few minutes. Bissinger is working on something for the New York Times.

Griffey said he was having a conversation. Bissinger said he only had 20 minutes. Griffey basically said too bad. Bissinger said “you’re not worth it” or words to that effect and walked away.

Griffey followed him and said some not so nice things. “You disrespected me,” was all I heard clearly.

The whole thing was over in a minute or two.

I’ve got to side with Griffey here. Clubhouse protocol is players are available, but at their leisure. If I wanted to talk to Griffey, I would have waited until he was free. He may or may not have talked to me. But all would have been civil.

Not to challenge Fay’s credibility, but can we really believe Junior exchanged harsh words with a writer…and came away uninjured?