Since Omar Minaya and Willie Randoph are too busy, I’ve already taken the liberty of petitioning MLB to have tonight’s Angels/Mets result overturned because of all the gunk on Vlad Guerrero’s helmet. One of the league’s more valuable logos has been blatantly tarnished (with tar) and if this filthy habit is allowed to continue, we’ll need x-ray goggles to determine which team is which.

In addition, one of the crucial blows in this contest, a 6th inning two-run HR by Angels 1B Darin Erstad, ought to be stricken from the record books in light of Erstad’s brutal assault on Atlanta’s Johnny Estrada earlier in the week. Estrada is still seeing stars (and hopefully some of them are more famous than Tom Candiotti or Horshack from “Welcome Back Kotter”) yet Erstad is still allowed to walk the streets.

Guerrero, by the way, continues to look like the most successful bad ball hitter since Roberto Clemente. So there you have it, he’s making a mockery of the strike zone, too.

The Boston Globe’s Chris Snow wrote today about ex-Met prospect 1B Roberto Petagine, whom after strong campaigns in Japan, is currently doing the business for the International League’s Pawtucket Red Sox. Petagine, who struggled with big league pitching during his brief spell in Flushing, is unlikely to get a shot with the PawSox’ parent club since the acquisition of John Olerud. No one will mistake him for Todd Helton, Lyle Overbay or Mike Sweeney, but that’s precisely why the Mets might not have to give up much to give Petagine another chance.