An agrieved Ben writes

Once again I find Jay Mariotti cribbing off my CSTB Cube posts, this time in regards to Hendry and MacPhail cutting loose all of the crybabies of 2004. What starts out as a fuzzy tirade over the Farnsworth trade ends up in a slam of the bullpen in general, but especially. Ryan Dempster and his streaking in Lincoln Park.

Sure Mariotti can’t live without me, but can anyone translate this :

“Sure, Cubdom had no use for Farnsworth, a hopeless Biff Whiff if there ever was one.”

Biff Whiff?

Ben, much as it pains me to say so, we’ve both got to give it up to Mariotti this time. The guy is deeper into movies (and TV) than I would’ve ever imagined.