San Francisco 8, Los Angeles 9


The euphoric scenes at Chavez Ravine after Milton Bradley’s liner went under Jason Ellison’s glove made for great TV ; perhaps not as hot as Kirk Gibson taking Dennis Eckersley over the wall, but we didn’t have nearly as many shots of grown men screaming into cell phones back then. Though I would’ve liked to have seen that, too.

For SF closer Armando Benitez, his disasterous 9th inning was akin to a flashback to his final season in a Mets uniform. For LA starter Jeff Weaver, his first 3 innings were like a flashback to his entire tenure in pinstripes.

While watching other people do chores today, I was bouncing back and forth between Vin Scully’s call of the game on Fox Sports LA and Charley Steiner’s play-by-play on the radio. One of these men is a genuine artist, the other somewhat competent by simian standards. Would you like to guess which was which?

When Whitey Herzog declared the NL East race over and done in June of 1986, his capitulation seemed premature at the time, if not some sort of motivational tool for his Cardinals. He was, of course, right as rain, as the Mets ran away with the division. I’m no Whitey (heck, I’m not even Bob Gamere), but if the Florida Marlins starers (A.J. Burnett, shown above) continue humbling the opposition the way they have in the season’s first week, Bobby Cox or Willie Randolph might be waving a white flag way too soon.