Just days after signing Phormer Phillie Chris Coste, the Mets are said to be mulling a contract offer to 12 year veteran C Henry Blanco (above), most recently of the San Diego Padres.  It’s a curious move given Jon Heyman’s insistence the Mets are also preparing a two-year pact for backstop Bengie Molina — Omir Santos and Josh Thole are presumably still turning up for Spring Training.   Perhaps a long 2009 of difficult math has led Omar Minaya’s paymasters to forget MLB rules only allow one catcher on the diamond at a time.

Earlier today, Baseball Think Factorys‘s Repoz linked to a HuffPo item that described Derek Jeter being interviewed on “Fox & Friends” by the wife of his agent.  I suppose this is the sort of mature, nuanced handling of the media Tiger Woods is meant to emulate.