(Cubs Fans : Still Not Over It)

The Cardinals’ have announced that their former GM Vaughn “Bing” Devine has died at 90, and that’s of significance to Cub fans because a) Bing’s teams walked all over us until Durocher came in, b) he masterminded the trade that took Lou Brock away from the Cubs in one of the worst trades, Cub-wise, in baseball history, and then c) beat Durocher in ’69 anyway because he was with the Mets.

(Brock he brags about, not McCarver)

When Bing Devine wrote his memoirs, he called them The Memoirs of Bing Devine: Stealing Lou Brock and Other Brilliant Moves by a Master G.M., co-written with Tim Wheatley. I could go on about the misery Bing Devine’s teams inflicted on Wrigley, since there’s so much, all of which I hope would be seen as respect.