The following note regarding the passing of director Michelangelo Antonioni comes to us courtesy of Tim Cook :

Wow, two titans of world seeneemah gone in 24 hrs. I’ll have a good thought today for Kon Ichikawa, 92, Eric Roemer, 87, and the relatively young Jean Luc-Goddard, 77. Hang in there, guys!

It can be said that Antonioni made two or three of the greatest films I ever saw, “L’avventura” and “The Passenger”, even if “meaning” was often dangled at the end of every dazzling shot, and just as often denied, it was replaced some of the most incredible tracking shots and in-frame compositions on offer in cinema.

This is from the “Zabriskie Point” imdb page:

“Remembering the scoring sessions for this film, members of Pink Floyd later commented that Michelangelo Antonioni was very difficult to please, offering vague comments like (quoting the bandmembers, mimicking Michelangelo Antonioni ‘s accent) ‘Eets nice, but too slow’ or ‘Eets a leetle bit too soft.'”

Those guys should’ve been fetching coffee, but they’d prob’ly screw that up, too.