With all due respect to CSTB’s dedicated readers, Newsday’s Neil Best gets some spectacular mail.

“I go back a long way. The worst baseball play-by-play guy around here was Bob Gamere (above) who had the audacity to follow Joe Garagiola and Red Barber in the Yankee booth. Fran Healy was the worst color announcer by far. Joe Tait, young Spencer Ross and Marv Albert were the best basketball. Gus Johnson and his screaming was the worst. John Sterling wasn’t good nor was he awful. Marty Glickman and Merle Harmon were the best football announcers. Chip Cipolla and Al DeRogatis were the best color announcers. I cant really think of a bad football anouncer. Best hockey is Emrick and Jiggs McDonald, worst hockey was Sterling doing Islanders games on WMCA.”