In the aftermath of Brian Cashman’s zipper problems making headlines last week, might we reasonably expect the Yankee General Manager to become the target of cruel mockery, ala the treatment afforded former Mets executive Steve Phillips? Not if you consider which of the two philanderers is well-liked and which isn’t, or as the New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman observes, “why risk being cut off by Cashman for discussing, or delving into, personal issues that ultimately could affect his job performance?”

So far Cashman has been the beneficiary of a relative code of silence. Talkies who crucified Phillips (even going so far as to evaluate his taste in women) have found other things to discuss. Columnists who referred to Cashman as the most valuable Yankees free agent have gone ostrich on the seamy, sordid story involving their anointed one.

Some of these scribes — and a few talkies, too — have professional relationships with Cashman, who is a valued source. Why jeopardize a longstanding alliance by shining more light on his liaisons with the credibility-challenged Neathway?