The above headline is supplied by Ben Schwartz, who writes

Aside from Fred Blassie, who once won WRESTLING MAGAZINE’s “Most Hated”
label, I think Barry Bonds may join the realm of sports legend only attained by the greatest American heels after this interview.

“This ain’t nothing,” He said. “I’m not going to stop until I’m the best.”

Does that mean 755 for Barry Bonds?

“No, [expletive] that. I’m going for Oh’s record.”

That’s right. Barry’s looking past 714, past 755, for the world record of 868 career home runs held by Japanese legend Sadaharu Oh of that country’s oldest team, the Yomiuri Giants.

“Hank Aaron? [expletive] that guy,” He said. “I can outhit him, and besides, I’m not even worried about him. I’m not worried about the American record, they’re going to ‘star’ me anyway. I’m going for the best in the world.

(note : your editor was going for Most Gullible Man In Blogging Worldwide until he had a peak at the source of the above story. Barry’s real quotes are far more fantastic, especially when he says “I forgive you all.”)