The New York Daily News’ Adam Rubin quotes agent Scott Boras on why his cient, reliever Julian Tavares, would be such a catch for the Mets or Yankees.

Tavarez, 32, went 2-3 with a 3.43 ERA and four saves in 74games for the Cardinals last season. He made $2.6 million last season. Tavarez compares favorably with Kyle Farnsworth and Tom Gordon in save percentage over the past three years, converting 19 of 26 (73%) since 2003 to Farnsworth’s 16 of 25 (64%) and Gordon’s 18 of 36 (50%). Farnsworth agreed to a three-year, $17 million deal with the Yankees, while Gordon got a three-year, $18 million deal with the Phillies. “This guy pitches four days in a row,” Boras said. “He provides a very strong, durable arm. He can protect a closer like Wagner or Mariano Rivera. They don’t need to get every save. This guy has been a save guy, and he does it at a ratio that’s almost 80%. That ratio for a setup guy is very, very high. That may be very helpful to guys you want rested for the postseason.”

Boras neglects to mention how much money either club might save by Tavares wearing the same hat for the duration of the contract.