The Hartford Courant’s David Heuschkel is amongst those reporting Red Sox CF Coco Crisp won’t be available for tomorrow’s home opener against Toronto.

Coco Crisp did not play Sunday against the Orioles because of a sore left knuckle. The Red Sox initially indicated that it was not a serious injury, but WHDH, Channel 7, in Boston reported Sunday night that the knuckle is fractured and Crisp could miss up to a month.

General manager Theo Epstein did not return a phone call and a team spokesman wouldn’t confirm the report. The spokesman said Crisp will be examined today.

Crisp hurt the knuckle sliding awkwardly into third on a stolen base attempt Saturday night. Before Sunday’s game he said he did not have an X-ray and that he could have played, but he appeared to be joking when he said, “I could get in there and do a cartwheel or something.”

What at first appeared to be a serious ankle or knee injury to the Braves’ Chipper Jones, suffered in yesterday’s 6-5 loss to San Francisco, is apparently less severe than originally feared. That said, I missed “The Sopranos”, “Big Love” and a full slate of Adult Swim cartoons last night while replaying the footage of Larry writhing in pain, over and over again. It might’ve been the most enjoyable highlight of baseball’s opening week.

Soothsaying Mets 1B Cliff Floyd predicts “there’s gonna be a fight” if teammate Pedro Martinez throws at Washington’s Jose Guillen on Wednesday night. Presumably, Cliff meant Guillen would be going after Pedro, as opposed to taking on his own pitching staff for being slow to retaliate.