Some typical back-and-forth between former White Sox/current Mariners OF Carl Everett and Chicago manager Ozzie Guillen, as collected by the Chicago Sun-Times’ Joe Cowley.

”If I have any bitter feelings about anything, it was how they treated me as far as contract-wise,” Everett told Los Angeles Daily News. ”It was two seasons that I had pretty good seasons and they pretty much said, ‘Thank you, bye-bye.’ If I’m bitter at anybody it’s Kenny Williams and he knows it simply because how he handled 2003 and last year.”

That didn’t sit well with Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, who pointed out that Williams traded a total of five minor-league players for Everett in two deals (2003 and 2004) before the Sox parted ways with him this offseason.

”We don’t have a minor-league system because of him,” Guillen joked. ”But if that’s the way he feels, I think he should have a little more respect and consideration for Kenny because Kenny is the one who brought him here. Even when people didn’t want him, Kenny still brought him.”

”He showed up out of shape [last season],” Guillen said. ”Kenny put up with a lot of [bleep] from him. It surprised me that he’d talk about Kenny like that.

”He’s not here because he doesn’t fit on that particular ballclub. Do we miss him? We don’t miss him. I think for real, we don’t miss him. That’s a guy that if you go around and [ask] do you miss him? No. We like him? I don’t have a problem with him when he played with me.”