Sorry, that’s the closest I could manage to a Marvelous Marvin reference. But the Brockton Rox are at it again. Months after inviting the then-unemployed Theo Epstein to Thanksgiving Dinner with Oil Can Boyd, the indie league franchise has made a bid for Roger Clemens.

Though this gag — like the last one — seems entirely lifted from Lorne Michaels’ attempts to reunite the Beatles on an early episode of SNL (going so far as to offer the Fab Four $3000.00 — “split it any way you want, give Ringo less if you want.”), I really like the part about a parking space at Brockton High.

Barry Bonds hit his career HR no. 710 earlier tonight, a solo shot to left field off the Mets’ Steve Trachsel. It’s excruciating watching the Sultan Of Surly circle the bases. It’s probable he’ll reach 715, but it will be ugly watching him get there.

Billy Wagner just retired Bonds to earn his 5th save in New York’s 4-1 win ; earlier, Xavier Nady connected for a solo HR, and Cliff Floyd crushed a 2 run homer into McCovey Cove in the top of the 8th. Trachsel gave up just two singles and a pair of walks other than the HR to Bonds in his 7 innings of work.

It’s one heck of a night in the Lone Star State for ballgames that just won’t end ; Dodgers/Astros tied in the 14th at Minute Maid, or the Kings and Spurs slugging it out in O.T. in San Antonio.

The White Sox have punished Mariners pitching to the tune of 5 HR’s thus far tonight at Safeco, none of ’em hit by Jim Thome. Maybe that’ll figure in Ozzie’s diary, maybe not.