Prior to Sunday’s come from behind, 5-3 win at Montreal, The New York Post’s Larry Brooks considered the Rangers’ mooted pursuit of the retired Peter Forsberg and concluded, “it’s a flight of fancy to believe that the Rangers are real players in the quest to sign the once-great, often-injured center to a free agent contract not only for the remainder of this season, but next season, as well.”

Under Tom Renney this season, 21-year-old rookie Brandon Dubinsky (above) is emerging as a second-line center. Under Tom Renney, 20-year-old freshman Marc Staal is becoming a go-to defenseman. Under Tom Renney, building blocks are being laid, laborious as the process can be.

Chasing Forsberg – who by all accounts is not looking to break the bank – would run contrary to the Rangers’ message. It’s too big of a bite for the team to chew, even more so because of their current tenuous status. This isn’t the Forsberg of 1996, just as this isn’t the Jaromir Jagr of 1996 or the Brendan Shanahan of 1996.

If Sather’s done his due diligence, that’s appropriate. But nothing further is expected to develop. The best information available suggests that Forsberg is likely to sign with Philadelphia, Colorado, Anaheim or Vancouver, though Ottawa wants him as desperately as anyone.

Puck blogging maven Jez Golbez admits to watching “the Super Bore”, insisting today’s Pats/Giants tilt will provide “something to take my mind off of the Canucks’ total suckage as of late”.

I’ll always be scarred from the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. Not that seeing a human breast freaks me out like those Fundamentalist assholes in the US of A, but Janet Jackson’s ‘breast’ is something you’d expect as a villain in a horror movie. That, and Janet Jackson’s waxy face makes me want to have a bulemic discharge.

The great thing about today? No NFL for months!!! Sure, you’ll hear about the commercials for a day or two, but then we can go back to not caring about the NFL.

Besides the betting, I still want a good explanation as to why the NFL product is worth watching. It’s not like we’re seeing the cheerleaders go down on each other.