The Sporting News reported Tuesday that Providence Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask has escaped suspension, despite going nuclear after allowing a pair of shootout goals in the P-Bruins’ loss to Albany Monday night.  The above clip has garnered hundreds of thousands of views on You Tube —more than half of them from George Brett refreshing the page over and over agan.

Rask, the Bruins’ top goaltending prospect, went ballistic after a 1-0 shootout loss. He was outraged that referee Frederic L’Ecuyer for allowing goals by two Albany players during the shootout.

Video of the incident made the airwaves Tuesday. In it, Rask screams at L’Ecuyer, smashes his stick against the goal’s crossbar, then against the glass next to the Providence bench and tosses a crate onto the ice.

Here’s how the Journal described the incident:

“On the first goal, Jakub Petruzak appeared to lose control of the puck far off to one side of the net before scoring. Then L’Ecuyer ruled that Harrison Reed’s shot had entered the net for the game-deciding goal. Rask argued that it hit the crossbar.

“After the game, Rask smashed his stick on the boards, then flung it across the ice. He then grabbed a milk crate from behind the Bruins bench and tossed it halfway across the ice.

Murray downplayed Rask’s actions, saying that he’d seen much worse during his two decades as a pro player and coach. “It it weren’t for YouTube, no one would have known about (the Rask incident),” he told the Journal.