ESPN’s Rick Sutcliffe claimed yesterday that Barry Bonds was considering making himself available to Team USA were they to advance to the 2nd round of the tournament.

Today, has manager Buck Martinez denying any such move is in the offing. WBC rules state that a club can replace someone on the 30 man roster only if a player is made ineligible due to injury.

“We have no injuries,” insists Martinez.

Very funny. Had a position player been incapacitated during today’s blowout of South Africa, Shane Spencer would’ve been invited before Barry. I don’t doubt that Bonds is heavily self-absorbed, but give him just a little credit for fucking with Bud Selig this afternoon. It’s maddening enough for MLB that the revelations in “Game Of Shadows” have dwarfed the WBC in terms of media coverage, but how awesome would it be if Bonds demanded a spot on the team (hitting 3rd, preferably) and proceeded to lay waste to the pitching staffs of other nations? Is there a tournament MVP trophy that Selig could present the Sultan with? Imagine all of the international headlines about a USA victory being aided in great part by the game’s most notorious abuser (allegedy) of drugs and people?

Instead, we’ll probably have to settle for further dominant performances by that medical marvel, Roger Clemens, who remains as beloved as Bonds is scorned.