Rog writes, “Check out this fine piece of sports memorabilia.”

“Forget about East Coast Bias, how about Yankees Bias? I should buy one of these and wear it to the Red Sox Victory Parade.”

Indeed, this initiative by seems a tad premature. As did the near-drowning of Joe Torre with champagne last night after the Bombers clinched (at least) a playoff berth with a 12-4 victory at Yankee Stadium South aka the Trop. Without taking anything away from what’s been a remarkable turnaround by any standard, has it really been so long between World Championships that a mere Wild Card berth is celebrated with such glee?  More to the point, can anyone tell me if coverage of the postgame hi-jinx pre-empted Larry David’s appearance on “Center Stage”?  There might be some harsh words exchanged between me and the TiVo when I get home Saturday (and like all of the conversations at CSTB HQ, it will probably be one-way traffic).